Simplifying complex decisions.

Simplify your data. Proactively manage your portfolio.

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, we understand you’re challenged to do more with less, making the responsibility of managing multiple service lines increasingly complex. That’s why we developed Alliance.

Alliance is the only program that delivers meaningful trauma and extremities data in a streamlined, easy-to-understand format. Because when data is clear, organized, and simple, you can leverage it to make more informed, more effective, and more actionable clinical purchasing decisions.

See what Alliance can do for you

Alliance filters, compares, and analyzes critical data.

Guided by owned, third-party and hospital data, Alliance is a value-added program that pinpoints your unique challenges and delivers a tailored analysis of your trauma and extremities portfolio. Alliance filters, compares, and analyzes critical data, including:

  • Total spend by product, procedure category, and vendor
  • Procedural volume
  • Inventory utilization

We’re in this together.

We listen and take your concerns, challenges, and insights to heart. Our goal is to understand your situation and strengthen our alignment, so together, we can build a customized solution that meets your specific needs.

  • Receive clear, actionable insights to make more informed, confident decisions
  • Promote efficiencies without sacrificing product quality or physician preference
  • Identify opportunities for standardization within Trauma & Extremities
  • Free up bandwidth and streamline your workflow

Our purposeful, powerful approach.

Alliance works because we continue to work with you on its development and evolution. A personalized journey centered around world-class customer service, this approach harnesses the power of the 4Ds.

  • Discovery

    We believe in doing extensive research and learning everything we can about our customers. We’ll invest the time and energy to truly understand your unique system dynamics, current challenges, and organization objectives.

  • Diagnosis

    What obstacles or problems are you facing? Because we’re experts in the field of trauma and extremities, we know how to go beyond identifying pain points to provide opportunities for unforeseen improvements and savings.

  • Design

    Whether you’re hoping to obtain better pricing, looking to get a better handle on your inventory, or seeking a more robust menu of options, we are committed to designing a program that’s transparent and tailor made for you and your stakeholders.

  • Deliver

    When it’s time to convert, we’ll ensure a seamless transition. As we work together, we will encourage an ongoing dialogue with an eye toward fine tuning and enhancing your experience today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Let’s build an Alliance.

How can the clarity of cutting-edge analytics make a difference for you? Contact us to find out.

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